13 Questions with Greg Hathaway

Greg Hathaway, Creative Director at Maple

My Cookbook Pick Is: Franny’s


“I’ve never been to Franny’s but my brother and his family live in Prospect heights. One weekend, they were making this crostini that takes around three hours. It’s their “Roasted Cherry Tomatoes with Ricotta Crostini.” It was one of the best bites of food that I’ve had in a long time. I hadn’t eaten Italian food as they make it. Or, as they tell you to make it. There’s a lot of thinking in the book about what’s kept in your kitchen. Like, “Here’s what you need in your cabinet…” They go through the basics of having a well-stocked Italian pantry so you can make on-the-fly, quick meals. We’ve made a few of the pastas, bread, and the refrigerator staples. Like pickling. Now we always have a jar of something pickled in our refrigerator.”

The Maple Questionnaire

What’s your first memory of cooking?
Making a terrible plate of scrambled eggs when I was 13, but using garlic. And saying “I could use things like garlic…and cook things…” The first tasty dish I ever made was a jambalaya two years later.

What’s your favorite thing to use in the kitchen?
Probbbbbbably the cast iron skillet.

What’s your favorite sound in the kitchen?
The sizzle of ingredients as they hit a hot pan.

Coffee, tea, or bourbon?

What’s one flavor (or thing) you wish you could bottle and take with you?
A 2000 Margaux.

Seared or grilled?
Grilled. Unless we’re talking about tuna.

Low and slow or hot and quick?
Hot and quick!

What would they serve at your spaceship launch/quinceañera?
Tres leches astronaut ice cream.

Meal for two or meal for twenty?

If you could get a cooking lesson from anyone, who would it be?
Julia Child.

If you could cook a meal for anyone, who would it be?
Malcolm X. Mainly because I assume I could then join him for dinner.

Greg’s Last Supper

Last Supper Maple