City Harvest, In the Spirit of Giving

Food is for everyone. But not everyone has equal access. That’s why we’re making it our job to get it to people.

City Harvest is a food rescue organization that helps feed 1.4 million New Yorkers every year. At Maple we do our best to only order exactly what we know we can use. As with any restaurant, orders change, so we sometimes have small amounts of extra food in our pantry. About six months ago, we spoke with City Harvest to figure out how we could work together. Now, a few days a week, they pick up food from our kitchens and help distribute those extra meals—made with care—to 500 food community programs within the city.

Collecting from restaurants, grocers, bakers, and farms, they make it possible to get 55 million pounds of food delivered, and turn what is leftover into what is needed most.

It just makes sense for us to work with City Harvest. They offer an immediate solution to an ongoing problem. Because, we are in the business of food, and with that comes a responsibility to those that don’t have it.