Dish Inspiration: 483 Smoked Brisket Sandwich

483 Smoked Brisket Sandwich
First on menu: 8/15
Created by: Soa Davies

Thick slices of smoked brisket, crispy fried shallots, fresh arugula, tangy/spicy Korean chili sauce, housemade white sauce, potato-onion roll. _______________________________________________________________

Of the three brisket sandwiches on the menu, I think this is one of our favorites.

Soa: It took us about two months to get the right texture, the flavor, and the right cook time. We went through about 12 briskets. It’s a longer timeline because the sandwich has a very distinct process that we needed to perfect. Salads are often easier, and once we have the protein right, sandwiches can be simple too.

How so?

Soa: The brisket cooks for seven and a half hours, so it cooks overnight. It’s like an investment in time and love. We really love re-creating that authentic flavor which is why we spent so much time with it. The brisket itself was inspired by summertime bbq and how almost everyone loves that smokey flavor. We worked on it quite a bit to create something really authentic. And then, as we were working with the brisket, we all thought, “Ok what else could we do with this so that the sandwich just comes together?” It was also inspired by the fact that David Chang had just launched the Ssam sauce, and we took those flavors from the sauce and incorporated them into the brisket sandwich.

So the dish evolved over time, then?

Soa: The sandwich itself was always pretty much the same thing. We did add fresh components several times because the sandwich is quite rich but every single time we thought it just got in the way and added them as a side instead. I think initially we tried pickles in it, just to cut some of the fat with the vinegar. We thought about using arugula, and then the arugula turned it into what it is now.

How easy was it to pick the roll it’s on?

Soa: We tasted through a lot of different rolls, but the potato-onion roll we’re using from Balthazar Bakery seemed to be superior. They put caramelized onions into the dough itself and because of that, the bread kind of carries that smoky flavor all the way through. We wanted to emphasize the onion which is why we added the crispy shallots to the sandwich. With any dish—including sandwiches like this— a lot of it comes down to building flavors.