Ingredient Spotlight: Gotham Greens Basil

We love to cook with sweet, aromatic Genovese basil, and thanks to Gotham Greens— an urban rooftop greenhouse originating in Brooklyn — the basil we source is grown locally and sustainably. Their basil, along with the other leafy greens and herbs they produce, are grown hydroponically year-round. This means soil is replaced with mineral nutrient solutions, which are delivered to the plant using irrigation water. This allows the Gotham Green farmers to fully control the plant’s nutrition, for the best flavors and quality. Most of the basil available at your average supermarket has been transported over long distances. In many cases, it can be a week old by the time it gets to your kitchen. One of the reasons we get such delicious basil from Gotham Greens is that they ship it the day of or after it is cultivated so it’s at its peak freshness. You’re getting basil the way it’s meant to be eaten.

The Genovese variety of sweet basil, native to Italy, has hints of mint, clove and licorice. It’s super complex with tender leaves that can be added whole to a caprese salad or blended in a food processor with olive oil and your favorite nuts to make pesto.

Look for Basil in:

Basil Arugula Fennel Maple Dish

Heirloom Tomato & Mozzarella Salad (w/Fresh Basil, Arugula & Fennel, White Balsamic Vinaigrette)

243_Prosciutto Caprese

Proscuitto Caprese Hero

Photography by Katie Meek