Welcome to The QA, A Maple Editorial Project

This isn’t a blog. We don’t really like standard blogs, over here. We like places to play in and try out new things and get you as close as we can to the “how” and the “why” of what we’re up to over here at Maple.

The QA is a place for all that. At least that’s the plan. We have some cool ideas for what it should look like but we know it’s going to change shape every month. Maybe every week. Hopefully it’ll change every day as we find more and more things that get us excited and that resonate with you.

This will be a place to shine a loving light on our incredible ingredients, suppliers, and partners. It will be a chance to have fun with our kitchen and open a window into our testing process (how does a smoked brisket sandwich actually make it on to our menu?). It’s also a place where you can learn about the new features, products, and neighborhoods that help us make Maple better for you every day.

If you’re still reading this far. Well, heck, that’s a kind of victory. Most online stories disappear the minute they’ve been posted. It’s our hope that The QA will be a little bit more than that. It’s already a little bit more than that and we hope it only gets better.

Thanks for reading,
the editors.